Folkboat 75 year anniversary

Dear Folkboat sailors –

Believe it or not, the Nordic Folkboat turns 75 in 2017 and it calls for a celebration!

Since it was designed in 1942 by Scandinavian boat designers the Nordic Folkboat has conquered the hearts and minds of thosands of sailors around the globe – and for good reasons.

Kerteminde Sejlklub is proud to invite all Folkboat sailors—past and present—to a celebration to remember. A fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, to talk about memories and stories from your Folkboat career.

The celebration will be just prior to the start of the Gold Cup 2016 also hosted by Kerteminde Sejlklub so we have made a combined program showing the preliminary activities.

Come to Kerteminde a well preserved mar-ket town dating back to the 13th century and – the birth place of more than 1,100 folkboats,  some of the best and most challenging racing conditions in Northern Europe, fantastic surroundings with a great marina named “Marina of the Year” 2015, charming villages nearby and much more!

The frame is set; there is a great team behind the project who will do their absolute best to make the event memorable. So please save the dates.

For further information: Follow our website and Facebook and join our interest/mailinglist ⇒ join .

Let us have your preliminary application, upload of photos, stories and more on our Facebook site.

Best regards
Erik Andreasen
Race director
storebalt sh


August 5 to 6 2017 75 years Celebration Social events *)
Saturday City Harbour Party Opening Ceremony
Sunday Firework Fun Sailing
75 Years Anniversary party
August 7 to 10 2017 Gold Cup  
Monday Races Grill party
Tuesday Races Sigthseeing tours
1M Folkboat RC race
Wednesday Races Viking Race
Thursday Races Spectator boat
GC Regatta dinner

*) Minor changes in social events schedule may occur due to weather and other circumstances.

Furthermore there will be a 75 years Anniversary Lottery with great prizes, get-together with many of the people who have made this class so successful and exceptional, past and present champions, national and international Folkboat Associations, morning gymnastics for elderly in good shape, beer and food of course, release of the anniversary book, lounges for shore-sailors and last – but not least – a lot of Folkboat sailors celebrating the old lady – wrinkled but still going strong.

For more up to date information:  Follow this website  with :

  • Facebook reference, where we all would love to have your contribution in terms of you uploading stories and photos  from your Folkboat career.
  • Preliminary application for this once in a lifetime celebration of a unique boat class.
  • Mail and newsletter services for ongoing updates



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Welcome to Kerteminde –
The Garden by the Sea

Welcome to Kerteminde – the birth place of more than 1,100 Folkboats! Some of the best racing conditions and beautiful surroundings in Northern Europe

Come with or without your boat. If without, do not wait too long to book your accommodation as Kerteminde is a small town with limited capacity. If  bringing  your own boat you will have free berthing during the event.

Early August is a busy tourist season, so be sure to book early and use the free booking service – contact the staff at local tourist office, who can arrange good discounts and nearby accomodations for you, your crew and your family.

Send your request marked: “Folkboat 75” to:;

Find more about this beautiful place at

Contact the staff at VisitKerteminde

  •  UK-spoken
    • Cathy Mathiesen,,  Phone 004565321121
  • DE-spoken
    • John Smidt, , Phone 004565321121
  • Nordic
    • Jane Dam,, Phone 004520603354
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F75 Anniversary

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Gold Cup 17

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Gold Cup

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Bulletin Board

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Bulletin Board

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Generel Information

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Facebook Group F75GoldCup.

Join the group and share your anniversary story an Photo

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